R (statistical program) Books for medical professionals

R is a powerful open source free statistical tool/software  used now extensively in all fields due to its ease of applications/functions and powerful graphic tools. Here we describe different resources of R for medical professions.

R for Dummies

Start with  this book. Written in a simple and concise manner and helpful for people with no prior programming knowledge.

Using R for Biomedical Statistics

A booklet describing the common statistical tests used in biomedical sciences with examples. Statistical tests include calculating relative risk, odds ratio, testing association between disease and exposure, Mantel-Haenszel test, dose response analysis, calculation of sample size for RCT, calculation of power of RCT and Forest Plot for a Meta-analysis of Several Different Randomised Control Trials.  PDF version also explains on how to install R on your desktop. Functions of R used in this book are calcRelativeRisk(),calcOddsRatio(),chisq.test,fisher.test,cmh.test(),calcTaronesTest(),calcMHRatio(),mcnemar.test(),


A short introduction to R for Epidemiology

A good and basic read for those who are unfamiliar with R functions.

Analysis of epidemiological  data using R and Epicalc

A very good and comprehensive book starting with basic concepts of R and then gradually moving to epidemiological data analysis tools. Written by Epidemiology Unit, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. For medical professionals, R for dummies and this book should be enough to make them specialized in R for their research purposes. Book is in PDF format with 328 pages.


Applied Epidemiology Using R

A detailed and open source book by Tom ́as J. Aragon of University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health and the San Francisco Department of Public Health.


Statistical Practice in Epidemiology with Computer exercises

This is the course book which was conducted by University of Tartu, Estonia in May 2015. Slides of this book are here. A very helpful and easy to read book. For PPT of this book, click here.


R packages for epidemiological tests

There are different R packages to use to test different  epidemiological tests/function which are

  1. epitools
  2. epiR
  3. fmsb which includes
  1. gsDesign which includes

Advanced survival sample size

Time-to-event sample size calculation

Tutorial on Meta-Analysis in R

A step by step and very detailed guide on how to do the meta analysis in R. You can even do a literature search through R package on
pubmed. It’s a PowerPoint presentation saved in PDF.


A 441 pages book in PDF format by Ken Butler.

How to calculate relative risk in R?

A guide with example on stackoverflow question and answer website. You can also search for many other R related question and answers.




Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine 7/E

Authors:  Gary D. Hammer , Stephen J. McPhee

Pages: 784

Edition: 7th edition (2014)

ISBN-10: 0071806008

ISBN-13: 978-0071806008

Description: Written in a concise manner for medical students, interns and house officers for understanding the pathophysiology of 120 diseases. There case studies and self assessment questions at the end of each chapter. There are total of 120 case studies.

From where to Buy?

At Amazon.com, the book is available for  $60.82 for paperback edition. Kindle version is for $57.78

 At Amazon UK, the price is £49.49

At Amazon Canada, the price is CDN$ 89.25

Buy it from Ebooks.com as PDF or other electronic version for 78 USD.




Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry, 6th Edition

Authors David Mitchell , Laura Mitchell 

Pages: 816

Edition:  6th, 2014

ISBN-13: 978-0199679850

ISBN-10: 0199679851

Description:  Just like Oxford handbook of clinical medicine is must for medical students and doctors, this book is also must for dentistry postgraduates and interns during their clinical rotation for a quick reference. Book is written in a very concise and comprehensive manner and is pocket friendly.

Buy it from
Amazon.com for $52.25. Kindle version is $32.49
Amazon UK for £38.50
Amazon Canada for CDN$ 59.95

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, 9th Edition

Authors: Murray Longmore , Ian Wilkinson , Andrew Baldwin , Elizabeth Wallin

Pages: 920

ISBN-10: 0199609624

ISBN-13: 978-0199609628

Edition:9th, released in 2014

Description: It is the must have book in the pockets of doctors doing the clinical rotations in medicine wards. A  handy pocket book written in a clear and concise manner and doctors refer it for quick reference.


Amazon.com: Flexibound edition is $38 and kindle edition is 39.49

Amazon UK:   Flexibound edition is £23.30 + £2.80 UK delivery and Kindle edition is £31.57

Amazon Canada: Flexibound edition is CDN$ 49.72

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Oral biologics

oralbiologics.com domain is for sale

Biologics are the drugs derived from living tissue and interfere with body’s immune system to treat or prevent immune-mediated inflammatory responses. Their utility is mainly currently focused on some autoimmune disease such as Rheumatoid arthritis. Tofacitinib has been approved by FDA as first oral biologic for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. It will be used in patients who don’t respond to to other immuno-suppressive therapies.

Progress in Oral Biologics for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Content is from proceedings of 2012 Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR).

Published in the journal of  Oral Diseases (2012).

The FDA has given its seal of approval to Celgene Corporation’s Otezla, an oral treatment for psoriatic arthritis

Dental case reports

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Case Reports in Dentistry

Peer reviewed open access journal. Acceptance rate is 24%. So submit your interesting case reports in this journal.

Journal of case reports and images in dentistry

International, peer reviewed, open access journal.

British Dental Journal

A case report section of the BDJ.

Pediatric Dentistry Case Reports

Open access, peer-reviewed journal publishes interesting and unusual case reports in pediatric dentistry.

International Journal of Dental Case Reports

Open access, quarterly, international journal publishes case reports on periodontics, oral radiology, oral microbiology, periodontitis etc

BMJ Case reports

In Dentsitry and oral medicine.

Pediatric dentistry case report Journal

Shall start publishing soon.

Case Reports in Dentistry

Directory of open access journals.



Immersive or virtual Patient

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During my life as medical student in mid-nineties, I used to visit and learn from web based Virtual Patient page hosted by Marshall University. The page is long gone but there is now 3d virtual patient simulations providing immersive environment for learners. There are several advantages of virtual patient in which main advantage is that you don’t have to touch/disturb the real patient in order to learn some routine clinical elements/procedures. Learning is quick, interactive and long term. Although its a new phenomena and medical universities have still have to adopt it as a core medical education tool.

3D Immersive Patient Simulators and Their Impact on Learning Success: A Thematic Review

A full text review article providing details of currently available  different immersive patient simulators(IPSs).  Article highlighted the lack of immersive content and its cost which leads to its decrease utilization in academic world.


Is the platform which provides next generation immersive medical simulations to health care professional for training and education purposes. Pricing ranges from free to $1999 per month. You can solve the virtual patient scenarios as an individual or as a team.


Another immersive application provider since 2005 to the medical professionals. You can learn many complex clinical procedures in immersive environment without touching the real patient. Surgeons can perform the surgery on virtual patient by just uploading the CT/MRI scan of real patient therefore less chances of error in real surgery.