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Urology books and lecture notes

Pediatric Urology Online book sponsored by Oceana therapeutics with videos and regular chapter updates. Urology Urology revision book for medical students in PDF format. Hypospadias Anatomy, embryology and treatment of Hypospadias. A Lecture by University of Oklahoma Medical Center. Guideline for Management of the Clinical Stage 1 Renal Mass Detailed management guidelines in PDF  by… Read More »

Doctors jobs in Philippines

The Philippine Children’s Medical Center 200-bed pediatric state pf the art hospital run by the Government. Apply for the vacant posts. National Children’s Hospital Established since 1947, provides healthcare services to local community. Jobs page is under construction but you contact HR at 724-0656 to 59 (210) DOH hospitals See the list of hospitals… Read More »

Doctors vacancies in Kenya

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital Established in 1947 by British explorer Ewart Scott Grogan in memory of his wife is now one of the best pediatric hospital in the region. Apply for jobs online through third party recruitment site. AIC-CURE Children’s Hospital 30-bed peadiatric orthopedic hospital was established in 1988 to serve the physically disabled children of… Read More »

Dentistry books and lecture notes

Prosthodontics Oral Surgery Oral Pathology Dental Anatomy Endodontics Cosmetic Dentistry Orthodontics Dental Materials Dental Materials Science A lecture for 3rd year dental students hosted at Trinity College Dublin. Current concepts in dental adhesion A review article by Arzu Tezvergil-Mutluay Dental specialties reference guide Fixed Prosthodontics General dentistry Periodontics Pediatric dentistry Removable prosthodontics Endodontics… Read More »

Lady Health Workers program in Pakistan

  Pakistan’s Lady Health Workers Program An honest opinion on the program successes and challenges by Peers for progress (A program of the American academy of Family Physicians Foundation). Supporting Lady Health Workers Program A report prepared for UNICEF’s next generation. This report highlighted the progress made by Lady Health workers program and UNICEF contribution… Read More »

Biostatistics online books and lecture notes

  Essential concepts of statistics 12 essential concepts of statistics are described in detail at GraphPad site. Intuitive biostatistics There 3 free sample online chapters from this book. Online Statistics education Detailed Lecture notes and videos for medical and post graduate students. PDF version is available here. Degree of freedom tutorial Written… Read More »

Nursing books and lectures

Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture notes for nursing students. Psychiatric nursing Nursing document for mental illness Students clinical Handbook By school of nursing and midwifery, University of Notre Dame, Australia Laboratory tests Interpretation of Laboratory tests for nurses Clinical Instructor Guidelines and Information Wegmans School of Nursing St. John Fisher… Read More »