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Household food security articles

Factors affecting household food security in rural northern hinterland of Pakistan Socio-economic Determinants of Household Food Insecurity in Pakistan State of Food Security in Pakistan and Policy Options (Special Bulletin) The relationship between agricultural biodiversity, dietary diversity, household food security, and stunting of children in rural Kenya Factors affecting household food security in rural northern… Read More »

Lady Health Workers program in Pakistan

  Pakistan’s Lady Health Workers Program An honest opinion on the program successes and challenges by Peers for progress (A program of the American academy of Family Physicians Foundation). Supporting Lady Health Workers Program A report prepared for UNICEF’s next generation. This report highlighted the progress made by Lady Health workers program and UNICEF contribution… Read More »

Neonatal sepsis

  Bacteremia and resistant gram-negative pathogens among under-fives in Tanzania (2013) This study was done in Tanzania to know antibiotic resistant pattern in bactermia cases of age 2-59 months who were brought to hospital with history of fever.Article is published in Italian Journal of Pediatrics. Molecular Assays in the Diagnosis of Neonatal Sepsis: A Systematic… Read More »