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  Products Price Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth  Jens Andreasen $251.60 Treatment of malocclusion of the teeth and fractures of the maxillae : Angle’s system  Edward H. 1855-1930 Angle $23.39 Treatment of malocclusion of the teeth and fractures of the maxillae: Angle’s system  Edward H. Angle $17.57 Teeth: A Very [...]

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Apr 9th, 2014 | Filed under Endodontics

12 year old girl presented with broken incisal edge having history of fall 3 years before.clinical examination reveals complicated crown fracture. vitility tests reveals necrotic pulpal status   Another similar case picture Treatment options in Complicated crown root fracture (Case report article in PDF)  Archives of Orofacial Sciences (2009), 4(1): 25-28 Management of Horizontal and [...]

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Apr 2nd, 2013 | Filed under Endodontics

Question no 1: the objective of incision and drainage are To evacuate exudates and purulence from a soft tissue swelling Incision for drainage increases discomfort Drainage through the soft tissue accomplished most effectively when swelling is firm and non- fluctuant Incision for drainage is always made horizontally into the swelling Incision of drainage speeds up [...]

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Jan 5th, 2012 | Filed under Endodontics

  Radiograph showing radio-opacity associated with distal root of mandibular 1st molar. This bone production is because of reaction to carious infection. Tooth is irreversibly inflamed and treated with endodontic treatment. Additional resources A guide to common oral lesions 46 pages notes by UMKC School of Dentistry Condensing osteitis in oral region Case report [...]

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Nov 8th, 2010 | Filed under Endodontics

It’s one of the painful dental emergency results from extension of bacterial infection from dead pulp into the periapical tissues. Acute Apical Abscess are of Two types Diffuse localized Case 1: Case 2: Localized abscess

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Nov 6th, 2010 | Filed under Endodontics