Surgical Endodontics MCQs

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Question no 1: the objective of incision and drainage are

  1. To evacuate exudates and purulence from a soft tissue swelling
  2. Incision for drainage increases discomfort
  3. Drainage through the soft tissue accomplished most effectively when swelling is firm and non- fluctuant
  4. Incision for drainage is always made horizontally into the swelling
  5. Incision of drainage speeds up healing process

Question 2: Peri apical surgery is indicated

  1. When there is persistent peri apical infection that cannot be resolved with non- surgical root canal re- treatment
  2. When there is true cyst
  3. Severe periodontal disease
  4. Irretrievable posts and root fillings and there removal would result in further damage to the root structure
  5. Unidentified cause of conventional root canal failure

Question 3: root end resection

  1. It removes the untreated apical portion of root
  2. It provides angled surface to prepare a root and cavity preparation
  3. It should be perpendicular to long axis of tooth
  4. It expose additional canals, apical deltas, or fractures
  5. It should be around 5 mm because most of additional canals are present in apical 5mm

Question 4: indication for root amputation or hemisection

  1. Preservation of strategically important roots and its accompanying crown
  2. Root fusion or proximity
  3. Untreatable roots with broken instruments, perforations, caries, resorption and calcified canals
  4. Severe periodontal disease
  5. Inability to complete root canal treatment on either half.

Question no 5: root end cavity preparation

  1. Are now made with ultrasonic tips
  2. Preparation should be class one type in the apical portion of canal
  3. It should have a minimum depth of 3mm
  4. It should have a minimum depth of 5 mm
  5. The walls of the preparation will be slightly oblique with long axis of the root

Question 6: Thirty year old patients presented to you with chief complain of chewing. Radiographic examination reveals furcation caries and bone loss that has compromised the distal root. Which surgical procedure will be indicated for management?

  1. Bicuspidization
  2. Hemisection
  3. Apical surgery
  4. After root canal treatment, crown will be divided through the furcation
  5. Root amputation




    Question 1:

    1. true
    2. false
    3. false
    4. false
    5. true

Question 2

  1. true
  2. true
  3. false
  4. true
  5. false


    Question 3:


    1. true
    2. false
    3. true
    4. true
    5. false

Question 4

  1. true
  2. false
  3. true
  4. false
  5. false

Question 5:

a true

b. true

c. true

d. false

e. false

Question 6:

  1. false
  2. true
  3. false
  4. true
  5. false

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