Adjuvants in vaccines

By | 7th August 2017

Adjuvants enhances or helps the vaccines in boosting their immune response. Almost all vaccines currently licensed have adjuvants. Most commonly used and oldest adjuvant is Alum.

Vaccine adjuvants: Current state and future trends

The article published in nature Journal in 2004 discusses the history of adjuvants, their mechanism of action and types of adjuvants.

Vaccine Adjuvants – Review

The review article by Invivogen classifies the adjuvants as per their mechanism of action (Pattern recognition receptors).

Vaccine Adjuvants

Information regarding adjuvants on National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases and work currently being done on new adjuvants at their laboratories.

Vaccine Adjuvants: from 1920 to 2015 and Beyond

A review article on the history of adjuvants and vaccines by Alberta et al.

Pre-clinical evaluation of vaccine adjuvants and adjuvanted vaccines

WHO guidelines on pre-clinical evaluation of vaccine adjuvants and adjuvated vaccines.


Below are the embedded YouTube videos on adjuvants.

This video briefly describes the adjuvants mechanism of action. Focus on audio only.

This short video lecture discusses the Aluminum in vaccines especially its side effects.

This video lecture describes in detail about the new adjuvants currently under development.

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