Immunology / Vaccinology Mcqs

By | 11th August 2017

Vaccine safety basics

E-learning course by WHO with 6 modules. After each module there are 5 self-assessment questions and you need to register to answer the questions and can see your progress in each assessment.

Roitt’s Essential Immunology

Hundreds of MCQs on 17 chapters of this book. Excellent resource for undergraduate and post graduate students. Website also have animated videos, PDF presentations and podcasts explaining the concepts of immunology.

Clinical Immunology

Hundreds of MCQs on 19 chapters clinical immunology.

Immunology-Short course

Hundreds of questions spreading over 21 chapters.

Oxford university press

Some questions hosted on oxford university press site.


Questions on following topics

Medical immunology

Hundreds of questions from exam.


Dozens of questions with explanation.



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